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Lisbon Paper Mill Monitoring Project

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2018-10-10      Visits: 440

Project Name:

Lisbon Paper Mill Monitoring Project


Project Background

Paper mills have many flammable materials, such as wood paper. Monitoring of temperature changes with timely alarms can effectively reduce the factory losses and help to prevent fires. The main monitoring areas are divided into preparation areas, paper workshops, recycling workshops, warehouses, raw materials and finished products stacking areas.


Client's Request

1. Realization of the early fire hazard discovery and treatment through intelligent monitoring;

2. Non-contact monitoring of temperature inconsistencies through the alarms using thermal imaging technology.

Project Solution

The temperature-measuring binocular thermal imaging camera SN-TPT4231LZ, does all-day monitoring of the temperature of flammable articles combined with the HD camera that adds more contrast for the position and shape of the target. Using Sunell back-end platform for comprehensive management, it can accurately monitor the measurement trend of stockpiling and immediately issue an alarm, thus achieving fire prevention and effectively reducing factory losses.


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