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Chinese Embassy in Turkey, Security Project

Author: Sunell - Intelligent Video Total Solution Provider      Time: 2018-10-10      Visits: 303

Project Name:

Chinese Embassy in Turkey, Security Project


Project Background

The Chinese Embassy in Turkey is located in Ankara City and is mainly responsible for China-Turkey relations, consular protection, Chinese overseas affairs, latest developments, visas to China, passport/travel certificates, consular notarizations, certification and marriage registrations, and important notices.

The Embassy represents the country in full responsibility for the relationship between the two countries. Due to the high importance and particularity of the functions of the embassy, its security requirements are also more stringent than conventional.

Client's request

1: Intelligent door's guard (warning of people and cars entering the zone);

2: Intelligent guard;

3: Early warnings of suspicious items left in the embassy, video loss, video occlusion, camera movement warnings, etc.

Project Solution

The Sunell's smart license plate recognition camera is used to access the video surveillance platform. The license plate information is collected by license plate recognition and transmitted to the platform for analysis and comparison.


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